As the first major project of NCQA, FLOQ community uses the Friends of the Quality Basic FLOQ app (Android and iOS) for technical-oriented measurements and the individual evaluation of the quality of the wireless networks (mobile and WIFI).

Common feature of FLOQ is the connection of the so called "Quality of Service (QoS)", the technical performance of a network and the "Quality of Experience (QoE)", the degree of personal satisfaction with certain data or voice communication calls.

The quality results appear as well in the app as on a detailed map which is shown on the FLOQ website www.floq.net. Furthermore, occurring network problems can be spontaneously reported to the network operator via FLOQ (e.g. no data connection, drop call...).

FLOQ community building is based on the principle of crowd sourcing. The more people join the Friends of Quality and use FLOQ regularly, the more conclusive the measurement and evaluation results will get and as an effect, the network quality will also improve. The strongest attribute of the brand FLOQ is its neutrality which enables it to create an objective and sustainable transparency on the market.

The measurements and evaluations made by independent FLOQ users end up on the NCQA analysis server and are then anonymously being made available for network operators with the ultimate aim to improve the network quality for everybody.

Note on data protection: All measurement and evaluation results are being archived on your smart phone or tablet and simultaneously transferred completely anonymous to the FLOQ analysis server of NCQA. All FLOQ servers are located in Germany and are subject to strict German data protection law.